New Zealand Management Academies
Full Time from January 15th, 2018
The role of Youth Tutor combines the provision of quality tutoring, the development of course material to keep abreast of industry standards and being an inspiring tutor and role model focused upon developing and building student capability.   The Youth Tutor will provide support to the students within and outside of the classroom to help our Youth succeed and transition into adult learning. The Youth tutor will successfully embed Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) principles into the learning context and build the student’s functional skills to support retention and successful outcomes.   External support will include building and utilising strong community contacts and developing a strong understanding of support systems available for our Youth students to succeed. 

The Tutor will be responsible for the following:
  • Programme delivery;
  • Programme planning;
  • Curriculum Development;
  • Assessment design and implementation and moderation;
  • Supervision of workplace training and assessment;     
  • Providing student support/guidance;
  • Course administration.
  • Provide effective student centred tuition in the area of Health, functional skills, life skills and study skills to the standards required for the course 
  • Provide an environment which supports and enhances learning and skill development
  • knowledge and technical skills this includes motivation, attitude, grooming, presentation and self confidence
  • Be involved in the preparation of assessment and teaching materials under the guidance and support of the Quality Team.
  • Mark formative and summative assessments and maintain full, complete and up to date records of students, as required by the company, NZQA and funding providers
  • Provide feedback, guidance and support for students as required to assist in the achievement of the learning outcomes
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the NCEA system and goals, the NZQA processes and systems and NZMA’s academic policies and procedures
  • Keep up to date with developments in your own specialised areas of tuition and related developments in industry
  • Maintain contacts with key individuals in business management and human resource roles within the industry, with the purpose of inviting them in as guest speakers or moderators
  • To be available for any internal and external workshops pertaining to Youth Guarantee
Literacy and Numeracy (LN)
  • Embed LN concepts and skills in classroom delivery to enable learners to achieve both vocational and LLN learning objectives
  • Make LN an integral part of learning functional skills and develop course material to enhance student retention and achievement
  • Gather and process feedback from learners to effectively plan LN embedded sessions to achieve LLN progressions and course outcomes
  • Liaise with the LN Team Leader and the LN team to evaluate and enhance effectiveness of LN in the course delivery and material
  • Action Week 3,Week 15 and Week 17 ALNAT (TES’s Adult Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool)
Record Keeping
  • Maintain full and complete records in accordance with company policy
  • Ensure all Student Progress Reports and Individual Learning Plans are completed fully
  • All communication is recorded and kept on file under a Youth Guarantee Communication Folder
  • Ensure that the records maintained meet the requirements of NZQA, funding providers, current privacy and freedom of information legislation
  • Provide all requested reporting, including ERS system as and when needed
  • Mark all work submitted by students, in accordance with NZMA Policy
  Moderation & Course Development
  • Participate in the tutors functional meetings, and to undertake all tasks agreed at these meetings
  • If appointed to an Internal Moderation Committee, to function as a member of that committee
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