ACG Tauranga
Full Time from January 15th, 2020
Position:                                     Preschool Manager
Location                                      Pyes Pa, Tauranga
Reporting to:                              ACG Tauranga Principal
Direct Reports:                           Preschool Teachers  

Company Objective
To ensure success for each child, through providing a high quality early learning environment under the guidance of skilled teachers, and in partnership with families / whanau.  

Key Relationships
  • Parents and Whanau
  • Colleagues at ACG Tauranga
  • MOE & ERO Officials
  • Visitors from the wider community
Purpose of the Position
  • To deliver the day-to-day learning programme at the preschool
  • To contribute as a member of the senior management team of ACG Tauranga under the leadership of ACG Tauranga’s Principal
  • To manage the day to day operation of the preschool  to ensure a high standard of care and education is provided and to ensure the preschool operates as a successful  component of the school as a business enterprise
  • Responsible for the development of the preschool’s strategic and annual operational plan to ensure strategies for ongoing growth and improvement are in place, and to ensure the plan is being actively implemented
  • Responsible for the effective management of personnel employed at the preschool
  • Develop and implement the long term strategic and annual operational plan, in consultation with the ACG Tauranga Principal
  • Implement the annual operational budget and resource plan for the preschool
  • Initiate, plan and manage the preschool programme and practices to reflect a commitment to focusing the preschool on continuous improvement and growth 
Preschool Management
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and role model the inclusion of, Treaty of Waitangi, Te Reo and Tikanga Maori
  • Ensure the day-to-day operations are effectively and efficiently co-ordinated and implemented
  • Ensure all new and prospective children and their parents/whanau are welcomed to the preschool
  • Manage the preschool enrolments to maximise occupancy and achieve growth targets
  • Responsible for annual planning
  • Monitor resources ensuring they are available and developmentally appropriate
  • Ensure ACG ECE Policies  and Procedures are interpreted for the preschool and regularly reviewed and adhered to; in particular the Positive Guidance Policy and Child Protection Policies
  • Approve preschool resource purchases ensuring they are within budget
  • Ensure the preschool operational costs are kept within the agreed budget
  • Ensure regular and effective communication with ACG Tauranga Principal and CEO Schools and Early Learning  and that decisions are communicated in a positive manner to parents / whanau and the teachers
  • Review weekly staffing roster to ensure compliance with regulations and policy   
Curriculum and Planning
  • Include Te Whariki as the basis for all planning and documentation decisions
  • Lead planning practices, including the assessment process of ‘notice, recognise, respond’, and ensure team documentation is appropriate, and audited regularly
  • Provide feedback to the team regarding their planning and documentation on a regular basis
  • Engage in dialogue with teachers where concerns regarding children and their development arise
  • Coordinate and implement a calendar of preschool events
  • Liaise with ACG Tauranga  Principal regarding teaching, curriculum and Health & Safety in the preschool
Relationship Management
Parents / Whanau:
  • Liaise with parents/whanau,  other ECE professionals, M.O.E, ERO, and auditors as required, ensuring that all interaction is conducted in a courteous, professional manner
  • Ensure that all requests /complaints from parents /stakeholders are acknowledged/resolved in accordance with ACG’s policies in a timely and professional manner
  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times, and this is role modelled actively for the team
  • The raising of any concerns regarding a child is dealt with professionally and with sensitivity
  • Ensure care and safety routines such as pick-up, sleeping, eating, and nappy changes/toileting, are carried out in accordance with ACG ECE  policy, philosophy and pedagogical approach
  • Lead the team in effective pedagogical approaches relating to the age group the teachers are working with
  • Demonstrate respect for all children and actively seek to assist children to make connections with others
  • Acknowledge and respond to children’s emotional needs with sensitivity and respect
Staff Management
  • Provide leadership by example and role model effective communication strategies in accordance with the ACG’s philosophy and values
  • Lead professional dialogue regarding children’s learning and suggest ideas and strategies to implement to enhance the experiences offered
  • Conduct annual teacher appraisal and ongoing performance management reviews for preschool teachers Identify training needs within the team, organising appropriate professional development
  • Assume responsibility for recruitment and selection and induction of staff, ensuring the VCA is adhered to
  • Ensure adequate staff coverage during staff absence/leave
  • Co-ordinate and attend regular staff meetings as scheduled
  • Manage leave requests, ensuring appropriate management of staff leave balances
  • Lead the team in the implementation of PSOEL Learning Outcomes
  • Lead the team in the implementation of self-review practices
  • Full participation in your own annual appraisal and in the development and implementation of individualised goals as required
Administrative Responsibilities:
  • Oversee all relevant data and documentation is collected and archived as required by the M.O.E.
  • Contribute to ACG Tauranga Parent Newsletter
  • Provide material to ACG Marketing for promotion of the preschool
  • Ensure all administrative tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Ensure ACG’s branding guidelines are adhered to
Regulatory Responsibilities
  • Ministry of Education ratios are maintained at all times
  • Adhere to the Early Childhood Regulations and be aware of any special licensing criteria
  • Ensure licensing criteria and compliance requirements are met, including Health & Safety practices
  • Implement recommendations as directed by ERO or MoE
  • Remain updated about changes to legislation, policy, licensing requirements and action as required 
Health and Safety  
  • Undertake all work in a safe manner and follow all workplace health and safety procedures
  • Provide active input into all Health and Safety, meetings, processes and practices
  • Take personal responsibility for managing own safety and that of others
  • Ensure children’s health and safety is protected and promoted
  • Responsible for ensuring the learning environments are clean, organised and safe
  • Ensure maintenance is regularly undertaken and recorded by the team
  • Ensure accurate reporting of workplace injuries and accidents
  • Identify and promptly report any accidents, incidents, “near misses” or hazards in the workplace
  • Participate in  regular Health and Safety meetings, and ensure hazards are managed appropriately
  • All relevant documentation relating to Health & Safety, cleaning, hazard identification is completed accurately, and required records are signed off as complete/actioned
  • Liaise with the Finance Department to ensure parents are invoiced accurately
  • Ensure all operational costs are kept within budget
  • Preparing financial reports as required by ACG Tauranga Principal and Finance Department
  • Ensure office supplies are kept to the agreed budget
  • Manage purchasing preschool resources Manage fortnightly employee pay roll data submission, liaising with the payroll department when required
  • Other duties reasonably within the capability of the employee may also be required from time to time. The employee’s duties may be altered following consultation with the employee
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