UP Education Limited
Full Time from January 20th, 2020

Role: Educator
Reporting line :Head of College
Award: Educational Services (Post-2nd Education) Award 2010
Team: Diploma/Premasters 
Direct Reports:Nil
Classification: Cat C: Teachers and tutor/instructors (Lvl 2 – 12) 

Educators are responsible for educational delivery and student experience at Up Education including delivery, educational outcomes, and support and engagement of the student cohort.

A passion for education. We want to see our students succeed in every facet of their lives.

Excellence           Excellence is non-negotiable. We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to inspire it in each of our students.
Partnerships        By collaborating and connecting with our partners, we can truly understand and deliver to their needs.
Innovation            In our pursuit of excellence, we are constantly looking beyond the status quo.
Care                      Student care is our priority.Our nurturing, inspiring learning environments enable students to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.   


Outcome Area 1
You engage empathetically with Students to create a holistic learning environment where you manage student issues to optimize their success
Outcome Area 2: Education Delivery
Confident and effective delivery of highly interactive workshop style tutorials,that meet the curriculum guidelines
Outcome Area 3: Preparation, Planning and Development
Prepare, plan and develop the delivery of the programs, ensuring a high standard is maintained for students
Living our Brand
You believe in, and contribute to, mission and values of the business and align with our company industry standards

  •   Category C —a teacher with a three year degree or equivalent at university level in a field relevant to the teaching area.
  •   Excellent interpersonal skills and both written and verbal communication
  •   High computer literacy
  •   Strong organisation, time management and administrative skills 
  •   Ability to build strong rapport with all stakeholders 
  •   Experience in an adult education setting
Leadership and Student Welfare    
•    You engage empathetically with Students to create a holistic learning environment
•    You provide pastoral care and manage student issues to optimize their success
•    You ensure students are comfortable in their study and living environments
•    You assist with Student settling in periods by:
•    Supporting orientation days
•    Student support advisors to help with questions and advice
•    Activities and trips as part of some programs
•    Regular homestay checks for those who choose this accommodation

Education Delivery
•    Complete 24 hours of teaching per week for 42 weeks. Measured over the annual period or pro-rata equivalent.
•    You demonstrate thorough knowledge of the curriculum
•    You teach confidently using a variety of teaching models to meet student needs
•    You ensure ‘at risk’ students are identified and provided appropriate academic assistance (consultation)
•    You ensure all assessment is marked and recorded using Learning Management System (LMS) (assessment)
•    You update class rolls in Student Management System (SMS) to reflect attendance (administration

Preparation, Planning & Development
•     You review and update curriculum as required with direction from the Academic Committee
•     Planning and development of course units, training materials, training aids and supervision requirements

Living Our Brand
•     You live by Up Educations’ values and positively contribute to building the organisation’s culture
•     You role model the Academy values, highlighting consistent behaviour within the teams
•     You participate in Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities  
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