New Zealand Institute of Sport Limited
Full Time from January 21st, 2020
Purpose of Job
The primary focus of this role is to be an effective tutor and course leader at the New Zealand Institute of Sport and to provide students enrolled in NZIS programmes a high quality learning experience in all courses delivered. To ensure academic integrity consistent with national and international standards and to contribute to the wider “life” at NZIS through active participation in all areas of the organisation.

Primary Objectives
1.To promote and implement the strategic vision of the organisation as outlined by the CEO and to operationalize the NZIS philosophy and core values.  
2. To provide course leadership ensuring that NZIS offers the highest quality education and training programme that lead to positive employment or training outcomes and meet national and international standards in the Christchurch site.  
3.To contribute to the academic strategies and be part of the wider curriculum delivery team for on-going improvement in all programmes.  
4.To ensure that academic quality and associated policies and processes meet the needs of NZIS, stakeholders, NZQA and TEC resulting in high levels of student satisfaction, excellent Educational Performance Indicators  and a positive External Evaluation and Review outcomes.  
5.To develop professionally and contribute to the overall success of NZIS as a member of the Academic delivery team.

Authorities:Management of academic issues and pastoral care for students on the Sports Zone programme in consultation with the Supervisory Tutor
Key Internal Relationships:Deputy CEO, National Academic Manager, Site Supervisory Tutor  
Key External Relationships:Relevant Stakeholders particularly care givers of foundation student Industry Contacts  
Hours of work: 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. These hours are subject to variation depending on the demands of the organisation.  
Meeting requirements:
Daily staff meetings as required by Site Supervisory Tutors                                                                
Weekly or bi weekly moderation and assessment meetings                                                                
Weekly Guidance and Support meetings                                                                
Weekly or bi weekly curriculum development meetings

Key Responsibilities and Measures
Primary Responsibility for:
Key Responsibilities 
Provide Course Leadership
Ensure implementation of key NZIS philosophies and core values such as added value opportunities for students and innovation in the classroom   Ensure NZIS policies and procedures are implemented  
Monitor the progress of students enrolled in the NZIS Foundation programmes. This includes:
- mentoring support to students and where appropriate bring concerns to the guidance and support networks
- monitoring attendance of students and follow up of any non attendance
- contact with students caregivers
- student adherence to NZIS dress code  
To complete the follow up of labour market outcomes and training pathways for student graduates on the NZIS Certificate in Sport Studies
Activities for students organised such as the Sports Exchange, camps, sports teams, trips etc  
100% adherence to NZIS policies and procedures and QMS
All students monitored and where appropriate Individual Education Plans are developed (IEP’s)  
Regular contact with parents and caregivers of students on the Sport Studies programme in particular Youth Guarantee  
High levels of pastoral care provided      
All students on the programme are tracked and recorded for destination outcomes

Key Responsibilities 
Curriculum development and programme review
As part of the NZIS curriculum delivery team review courses taught  
To ensure that the moderation and assessment procedures of the courses delivered  are effectively carried out.
To be innovative in the delivery of courses taught and ensure NZIS is achieving its goals and objectives.  
Ensure programmes are relevant, fit for purpose and reflect best practice teaching and learning.
Courses to be reviewed on a semester basis and qualifications to be reviewed on an annual basis.  
Delivery and assessment plans are submitted as required by the National Academic Manager
Programme reviews are completed and a plan for action is submitted to the Senior Leadership team for annual review.

Key Responsibilities
Academic compliance requirements
In conjunction with the HoF ensure all compliance requirements met for the Youth Guarantee programmes including literacy and numeracy programmes, course and qualification completions, retention and attendance, and travel allocations are met.  
Ensure all academic programmes meet the requirements set by the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and other professional bodies including internal and external moderation.  
Ensure qualifications and certificates are awarded and recorded appropriately through the student data management system including academic and attendance records.  
Ensure Educational Performance Indicators are met in relation to TEC performance requirements                
Ensure students are receiving accurate information
Compliance requirements met for Youth Guarantee if required             
All results are confirmed using established academic and QMS process.      
Ensure that all students have met the requirements of the programme, in accordance with the QMS prior to receiving the credits or award   Qualifications completions – 90% Course completions – 90% Graduate employment related outcomes or onto further training – 90%
Retention of students within NZIS programmes or onto higher level further study – 90% Student satisfaction – 90% (as evidenced by student surveys) Students are informed of regulations

Key Responsibilities 
Tutoring requirements 
Ensure that all teaching delivery is in accordance with all NZIS quality management  systems  
Deliver across NZIS programmes of study where required  
Ensure relevant schemes of work for curriculum areas taught are developed and that learning activities are well planned. Formative and summative assessment plans are developed where necessary  
Proficiency in teaching curriculum agreed to is demonstrated  
Ensure students have a range of learning opportunities including but not limited to field trips, practical and offsite activities  
Develop and acquire teaching resources for the programmes. Provide levels of innovation in teaching programmes
NZIS QMS requirements met           
Schemes of work including lesson plans and relief lesson plans are available    
Participation in NZIS staff development and observations  
Range of activities promoted, demonstrated and developed in conjunction with other academic staff.
Innovative teaching practices and resources are developed and incorporated in programme delivery

Key Responsibilities
Professional and organisational responsibilities
Maintain currency        
Demonstrate professionalism at all times and an alignment to NZIS core values and philosophies        
Assist the marketing team when required in the recruitment of students such as school visits, insight programmes, expos, open evenings  and other functions as required  
Be a collegial member of staff and involvement in staff activities  
Be available for NZIS activities that will benefit the development of goals and objectives for students, staff and the organisation.
Staff meetings attended on a regular basis Up to date knowledge of trends, regulations and events in the sector Demonstrated  
Appropriate standards of dress and behaviour at all times maintained.  
Work assigned is completed and submitted by deadlines as per instructions.  
Strong links developed with schools and other community stakeholders        
Involvement in staff activities demonstrated where applicable  
Participation in NZIS activities such as the Sports Exchange, fundraising, camps etc

Key Responsibilities
Provide “added value” experiences outside of the classroom, for students as part of their holistic development ie the Rugby Academy  
Undertake any additional duties as can be reasonably expected for this position
Student activity taken such as a sports team, international tours  or club   
Duties delegated by the CE from time to time as completed as directed
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