Cut Above Academy
Full Time from July 29th, 2019
Reporting to: Campus Manager
Functional Relationships with: Head of Training
Duties and responsibilities:

There are six key performance areas for trainers. These are:
• Customer experience delivery is consistently high in the areas of engagement, respect and nurture
• Academic outcomes are achieved successfully with parity
• Facilitation is effective, consistent and engaging
• Legal obligations and company policies are met
• Behaviour and team interaction is aligned to all 6 company values
• Graduate success outcomes are achieved successfully for each class a Class Trainer manages

Within these key performance areas there are a range of duties which include (but are not limited to):
Academic outcomes @ 85% minimum
• Measured through academic SQL report at end of course (for all classes you are responsible for)
• Maori and Pasifika outcomes meet current company expectations
• Complete and follow through on action plans when required to ensure overall class outcomes remain at a minimum of 85%
• Be a Class Trainer as and when required, meeting with the class to follow up on attendance, academic results and resits

Delivering quality teaching in an accelerated environment
• Facilitate subjects for programmes delivered by your brand, as well as career information and self-development courses. If you have had a minimum of 5 years industry experience with at least 2 years supervisory experience, you will also facilitate diploma level programmes.
• Use accelerated learning techniques to motivate and encourage students using the material provided
• Facilitate to a high standard ensuring that you are achieving an average rating of 4 out of 5 from the student evaluations
• Meet delivery times and requirements including being available to students 30 minutes before class is due to begin and after class finishes.
• Incorporate literacy & numeracy learning activities in all subjects
• Observations are completed on a regular basis as per company policy with action plans/follow up managed if required to ensure sign-off

Producing high levels of customer satisfaction
• An average annual rating from Trainer Evaluations of 4 out of 5 (minimum) across all categories is required (minimum 75 students to evaluate)
To ensure all legal obligations and company policies are met
• All training requirements are completed to a satisfactory level (signed off by HOT, CM or
In-house Trainer)
• Required annual teaching days are met (180 teaching days per full-time equivalent trainer)
• Assessment of learning and facilitation is completed in line with government requirements
• Requirements for the Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students are met
• Company policies in relevant manuals are adhered to

Pastoral care of students is managed effectively
• Head of Training feedback on individual trainer-student meetings (called “Qtime”), classroom management and dealing with student issues
• All student evaluations on ‘class trainer’ categories have annual average of 3.8 minimum

• You may be required to escort a group away on educational trips.
• You may be involved in visiting schools or promotional activities, such as trade fairs, open days and expos which may involve time outside of office hours.
• You will also be required to:
o Assist in general administration duties when required
o Sell courses to potential students as required in conjunction with the National Sales Executive
o Maintain relevant up to date interest in the Industry
o Attend conferences, staff meetings and training courses
o Attend all graduation ceremonies
o Be involved in the updating of courses and assessments if required
o Facilitate if required in other cities in New Zealand with occasional overnights
o Supervise/train on client nights as required (Cut Above & Elite)
o Be employment focussed with students at all times and support all employment initiatives of the business
o Mark approximately 100 assessment papers for our secondary school partners who use our STAR product (NZST), starting in your second year of employment
o Mark approximately 100 assessment papers for our secondary school partners should we offer in the future a STAR product in which students receive credits (Cut Above & Elite), starting in your second year of employment
• Any other duties as directed by the Campus Manager

Behaviour and team interaction is aligned to all 6 company values
Support the values of the organisation:
✓ Act Positively
✓ Drive Innovation
✓ Pursue Excellence
✓ Have Fun
✓ Demonstrate Integrity
✓ Develop People

Starting Salary
$55,000 p.a (out of Auckland Trainers) plus Kiwisaver if applicable
$56,650 p.a (Auckland Trainers) plus Kiwisaver if applicable
Salary reviews take place through the Professional Development Plan

Experience and Qualifications
Specific industry experience may vary depending on the brand and the qualifications you will be teaching.
It is also a requirement to hold an adult teaching qualification such as the National Certificate in Adult Teaching Level 4 and National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education Level 5. Trainers without these qualifications (or equivalent) will be enrolled in these qualifications and we will work with you to achieve this. All of the training for the Level 4 National Certificate is done in-house, with some assignments to complete outside of work hours.

National Certificates are being replaced with New Zealand Certificates during 2018.

In-house Training
We run an in-house training course which we believe is one of the best in the country. This combined with sitting in and observing other trainers, will give you the skills to be confident in facilitating.
As part of our commitment to on-going training you will be provided with a Professional Development Plan that allows you the opportunity to develop key skills and gain travel and educational qualifications.
Remuneration is linked to the achievement of the Professional Development Plan steps, allowing you the opportunity to be rewarded for your effort and achievement.
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