Yoobee School of Design
Full Time from April 29th, 2019

Position: Tutor
Reporting to: Campus Manager
                      Head of Faculty
                      Any other person as determined by the Campus 

Functional relationships with:
                                                 All Campus Tutors
                                                 Administration & Marketing Staff 
                                                 Careers and Employment Advisors
                                                 Other Campus HOF’s
                                                 Industry Advisory Groups (if required)

Primary objectives: To teach a range of subjects that will enable students to attain a recognised qualifi cation.
To meet and maintain the Creative and IT Group’s criteria for teaching.

Reaching these objectives will involve the following key tasks:

Key Task

Teach a range of subjects that will enable students to achieve the qualification they have enrolled in.
Expected Results
• Students receive quality tuition that caters for their individual learning needs.
• No complaints from students received regarding the standard of teaching.

Key Task
To prepare lesson plans and suitable teaching resources.
Expected Results
Lessons conducted in accordance with a lesson plan utilising suitable teaching resources.

Key Task
Participate in the continuous improvement of course content and teaching resources as directed by relevant campus HOF or Quality team.
Expected Results
• Course material is updated and refl ects current industry practices and standards.
• A willingness is displayed to share knowledge and ideas with other members of the teaching staff.

Key Task
Deliver assessments and evaluate to prescribed national and local qualifi cation standards.
Expected Results
• Appropriate information given to students at the beginning of each assessment.
• Assessments are delivered and evaluated in accordance with the school’s standards based assessment procedures and/or those standards set by NZQA.
• Preparation and marking of assessment exercises and briefs demonstrates the professional approach of the school.

Key Task
Supervise (invigilate) course assessments.
Expected Results
• Appropriate information given to students at the beginning of each assessment of this type.
• Supervision is conducted in a manner that meets the school’s standards.
• Supervision always meets NZQA guidelines.

Key Task
Assist with the care and maintenance of classrooms/labs and teaching equipment and resources.
Expected Results
• Students informed and if necessary reminded of the correct way in which classroom equipment and resources are to be used.
• Campus Manager/appropriate staff member advised when routine or specialist maintenance of equipment is required.

Key Task
Recording of accurate student data, assessment results, attendance, student-at-risk and any other documentation required by the Campus Manager.
Expected Results
• Students advised about the reasons for collecting data for records.
• Student information is gathered accurately and within the required time schedules.
• Student data is accurately recorded and shared within the school’s defined paper and electronic data systems.

Key Task
Comply with the school’s Quality Management System and school rules
Expected Results
• All actions to meet the standards defined in these documents.
• All records and auditable compliance requirements carried out to the standard defined in the Quality Management System.

Criteria for classroom teaching:

Key Area
Planning and preparation
Expected Outcome
The tutor shall generally make each lesson contribute effectively towards a planned programme of work with the school’s approved scheme of work.

Key Area
Subject competence
Expected Outcome
The tutor shall be competent in the content of his/her subject area and keep informed of development in it.

Key Area
Teaching techniques and management
Expected Outcome
The tutor shall:
• Impart subject content effectively.
• Make the approach suitable to the level and cultural needs of the students in the class.
• Provide and maintain a purposeful working atmosphere.
• Stimulate student interest and active participation.

Key Area
Relationships with students
Expected Outcome
The tutor shall:
• Promote the personal and education welfare of his/her students.
• Be willing and able to establish good relationships with students, to respect their individual needs and cultural backgrounds, and to encourage learning.

Key Area
Relationship with the school
Expected Outcome
The tutor shall:
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the staff of the school; and
• Contribute towards the effective functioning of the total school operation, including the school’s relationship with the family (whanau) and the wider community.

Additional and Special Responsibilities 
The tutor may:
• counsel students for in-class misdemeanours or for breaching campus rules.
• recommend that a student receive counselling from a professional counsellor.
• not suspend or terminate a student.
• recommend the suspension or termination of a student for consideration by the Campus Manager.
• recommend changes to standard work procedures for consideration by the Campus Manager.
• recommend changes to Yoobee curriculum for consideration by the HOF.

To us, excellence is non-negotiable. We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to inspire it in every one of our students
By collaborating and connecting with our partners, we can truly understand and deliver what they need
In our pursuit of excellence, we are constantly looking beyond the status quo
Students come first. We create nurturing and inspiring learning environments, so our students can achieve their goals and go on to fulfil their potential

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