Cut Above Academy
Full Time from February 4th, 2019
Receptionist/Stockroom Support 

Job Description 
To provide the highest level of professional customer service to all visitors/customers as the face of the campus and support the operation of the stockroom. 

Reporting to:  Campus Manager 
Functional Relationships with: Sales Executive, Head of Training, Customer Services Officer, Trainers 
Based at: Reception 

Duties and responsibilities: 
There are six key performance areas for the Receptionist. These are:

1. Customer service: Our customers/visitors are greeted in a welcoming, positive manner and are assisted with any queries regarding the campus or courses, ensuring a rating of min 4 out of 5 from customers.
2. Administration: All administration duties relating to this role are completed within campus policies and procedures
3. Administration support: The manager and other admin staff are supported with general administration tasks to a high standard with confidentiality being maintained
4. Handling payments: Student fees/other payments are collected and managed efficiently within one month of course start dates, ensuring all steps taken are within the law and company policies
5. Company values: Supports the values of the organisation and actively demonstrates understanding
6. Stock room: To support the management of stock in line with company policies and procedures

Within these key performance areas there are a range of duties which include (but are not limited to):  

Customer service 

 Answering all incoming calls in a prompt, courteous manner
 Arranging interview times and sending out prospectuses
 Interacting with students in a professional manner
 Contributing to any improvement opportunities
 Handling queries and offering support to customers/visitors in the reception area
 Supporting our students with all enquiries by managing them or guiding them to the right person
 Managing the student cafe kitchen rosters and following up with classes on duty
 Any additional duties required to ensure high customer service levels are maintained

 All telephone calls are answered promptly and handled professionally
 Student learning resources are ordered and managed efficiently
 General office supplies for the campus are ordered and stock take is maintained
 General administration duties relating are completed within campus policies and procedures such as:  Photocopying, binding, printing certificates and result notices, filing, entering attendance records, collecting and sorting mail
 All visitors and students are greeted in a welcoming, positive manner and are assisted with any queries regarding the campus or courses.
 Any other duties required to ensure the administration area maintains a high level of service to all guests and customers
 Workbook ordering
 Entering attendance records and completing any follow-up contacts to students who are absent in conjunction with Class Trainer
 Ordering supplies
 Banking
 Stock takes
 Training room set-up and resource preparation
 Organising computer log-ins and IDs for students.
 Any other duty the Campus Manager requires

Administration support
 Expense claims process, credit card returns and petty cash handled as required
 Assisting with general duties to help the CSO, Sales Executives and Management Team as needed
 Being employment focussed with students at all times and support all employment initiatives of the business
 Any other general administration support as required

Handling payments
 Banking requirements are managed and comply with company policies and procedures
 Deposits are collected and banked for all student enrolments and other incoming payments
 Assisting students with StudyLink Applications
 Back up to ensure ACG Trust accounts are created and align with student enrolment information

Behaviour and team interaction is aligned to all 6 company values Support the values of the organisation: 
Company values 
Act Positively
 Drive Innovation
 Pursue Excellence
 Have Fun
 Demonstrate Integrity
 Develop People

Stock room (Cut Above) 
To support the efficient running of the Stockroom
 Keeping Inventory of all equipment, resources and stock. Records to be accurate at all times
 Reconcile retail / professional stock for weekly salon orders. All stock is reconciled and compiled on time
 Reconcile stock received against invoice / packing slip and sign. All ordered stock is reconciled
 Bar code and price incoming stock. All bar coding and pricing is correct
 Provide stock to salons and classrooms.  Shelve stock and rotate. Stock rotated, and levels maintained
 Issue equipment kits to new students. Entitled students receive kit and accurate documentation is kept
 Maintain accurate records of issued student kits. Records of kits issued to students are accurate
 To organise repairs when necessary to student’s kit items
 Ensure loan equipment is readily available and returned in good repair
 Maintain accurate records of equipment on loan to staff / students
 Adhere to Cut Above & Elite procedure for equipment left behind by students
 Organise Cut Above & Elite Salon laundry requirements

Starting Salary 
$33,000 p.a. (out of Auckland Receptionist) plus Kiwisaver if applicable $33,990 p.a. (Auckland Receptionist) plus Kiwisaver if applicable 

If meeting KPIs: 

1st Anniversary $34,500 pa
2nd Anniversary $35,000 pa
3rd Anniversary $36,000 pa
(plus Kiwisaver if applicable)

1st Anniversary $35,535 pa
2nd Anniversary $36,050 pa
3rd Anniversary $37,080 pa
(plus Kiwisaver if applicable)

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