Animation College New Zealand Ltd, is an NZQA Category 1 registered PTE with an exciting vision and a commitment to industry-relevant Animation and IT programmes. We're currently recruiting staff to join our Animation Academic team at our Auckland City campus.Animation College is a looking to recruit a Teaching and Learning Advisor (TLA) to act as an operational 'learning and teaching contact point' for the institution, bringing consistency across all educational offerings in terms of delivery methods, teaching and learning strategies and linking quality assurance practices and procedures to programme delivery. The TLA will assist with meeting individual learning and teaching needs and the curriculum priorities of all academic programmes, in accordance with the College strategic plan, and as agreed upon with the Dean.Working with academic members of staff, the successful candidate will assess student learning needs across a range of contexts and develop a plan to address these at an institutional level. The TLA will help to embed academic and learning skills into programmes / classes, advise on relevant academic policies and procedures at an institutional level, and develop, implement and monitor initiatives to provide a continually improving educational environment for learners. You'll be responsible for keeping up-to-date with national and international changes in teaching practice, including introducing staff to new teaching methods and new technologies.We're looking for someone with relevant qualifications and subsequent work experience with institutional teaching and learning, and with online tools such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas etc. You'll need problem solving skills and the ability to exercise judgment, excellent written and verbal communication skills, a systematic and methodical approach to work, and the ability to think ahead and be proactive, identifying student and Academic Teaching Team needs and finding effective ways to meet them.The application deadline is 5pm, January 22 2018.  We will be reviewing applications as we receive them, so please apply early. For more information on this role, please contact Matthew Cooke, Dean of Animation College (email information about current Animation College NZ programmes can be found on our website:
Animation College NZ
Full Time from January 22nd, 2018
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