North Shore International Academy
Full Time from December 4th, 2017
Title: International Students Support Officer (Student Course Plan Management and Extensions)
Reports to: Registrar
Location: Symonds Street, Auckland  

Role Purpose: To work with campus academic staff, students, parents, agents to set standards and assist international students to achieve an excellent outcome  

The role is responsible for:
  • Administrative and general support related to international students
  • Updating student course/programme plans and providing students with updated offers and fee requests
  • Student financial billing related to on campus students
  • Processing overpayment requests
  • Processing refund requests
  • Student inductions and orientation, including new intake workshop in regards of NSIA handbook and policies, student ID photo taken to create ID cards
  • Management of On Line Visas as advised by INZ at NSIA
  • Management of Insurance data for the extraction file to be sent to Southern Cross
Key Accountability           
  • Administrative systems support excellent outcomes for students            
Administrative Requirements
  • Process, record, manage students and maintain accurate records and provide reporting as required.
  • Review the effectiveness of current activity and provide advice and recommendations to the Registrar.
Systems Organisation
  • Manage student data, data entry and maintain a record of communications and transaction
Student Visas
  • Assist agents and students with visa information.
  • Assist international students in completing forms/paperwork etc. as required.
  • Remind students of deadlines.
Student Insurance and Banking
  • Assist students completing forms/paperwork as required.
  • Assist students with insurance and banking services as required.
  • Effective Communication
  • Establish and maintain clear lines of communication and effective working relationships with all members of the International Team.
  • Prepare and disseminate a monthly student newsletter focusing on services, opportunities, pathways and who to see
  • Effective liaison with key stakeholders
Parent Services
  • Provide counselling and support as required, including the promotion and active use of ACG’s parent website as maybe required.
  • Assist parents visiting New Zealand and provide general support to parents as required.
Customer Service and Communications
  • Respond to enquiries as required.
  • Ensure all queries are handled in a friendly and efficient manner, responded to within 24 hours and resolved within 48 hours. Any unresolved matters beyond 48 hours are to be flagged to the Registrar for appropriate action.
Immigration NZ
  • Liaise with Immigration NZ as required
  • Proactive focus given to area of responsibility.
  • Maximise re-enrolments from current students by encourage and support students to staircase
  • Assist the Marketing Team as required with enquiries from local, international students and agents.
  • Support the Marketing Team to gather success stories and communicate via web and social media.
  • Provision of high quality student care and support.
  • Assist the Campus Manager to ensure the campus is compliant with the Code of Practice for International Students.
  • Be a 24-hour point of contact for international students.
  • Referring student issues and questions to the appropriate member of staff if required, or appropriate.
  • Co-ordination of, and referral to, external agencies, counsellors, medical professionals etc. for students with general and mental health problems.
  • Provide pastoral care as required and when required direct students to approved external professionals, external support groups relevant to our student demographic.
  • Provide on-campus cultural activities to bring NZ students together with international students.
  • Provision of high quality induction and orientation experience for students
  • Manage the orientation week for international students.
  • Undertake first week meetings with all new students.
  • Provision of accurate financial advice on fees and refunds to current students and those who are leaving
  • Discuss issues with students as they arise and represent the ACG view including:
    • Refunds
    • Course changes
    • Living expense claims
    • Other
  • Conduct exit interviews with all students who leave early. 
  • Project work as directed.
  • Assist with promotional and sales activity as required.
  • Adhere to all Health and Safety requirements.
  • Support other Auckland based campuses when assistance is required.
  • Perform all other duties as may reasonably be required by the Registrar
To be successful you will have:
  • Qualification or experience in Business, billing or banking
  • Experience working with students in an educational environment
  • Counselling or guidance experience could be useful
  • A current First Aid certificate
Relationships & Key Stakeholders
  • Members of the International Team              
  • Parents
  • Agents
  • External agencies e.g. Immigration NZ
Team Size: Nil     
Budget: Nil
Date: October 2017
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