North Shore International Academy
Full Time from December 4th, 2017
Title:                       International Student Support Officer (Attendance and Discipline Management)
Location:               NSIA Campus, 100 Symonds Street or such other location as may be required
Reporting to:         Registrar With additional direction from the Campus Manager
Hours:                    Full time, 40 hours per week (08.00am – 4.30pm)  

PURPOSE:   To oversee attendance procedures, ensuring that official registers are accurately maintained and attendance trends monitored. 

  • To work with individual staff and students, using regular attendance checks and contact with parents/caregivers/agents (as required) to maintain appropriate levels of attendance.
  • To ensure all attendance records are accurate, policies and procedures are enforced consistently.
  • All internship students submit attendance sheets and journals weekly and on time.
  • To be the first point of contact for all international student attendance issues in the campus
  • To monitor particular attendance issues and refer cases to Campus Managers when required
  • Process leave application and update attendance records accordingly
  • To follow up on missing reasons for absence
  • Ensure daily attendance checks have been undertaken by tutors and accurately recorded.
  • To ensure all registers are completed and no missing marks or unexplained absences remain.
  • Information from voicemail and emails on the day are used to update absence notes and any medical certificates are sighted.
  • On a daily basis, generate list of students who have had unexplained absence for three or more consecutive days and contact relevant Heads of Faculty and Campus Managers with the information.
  • Liaise with appropriate staff regarding reasons for student absences that raise some concern (e.g., absence due to family bereavement)
  • To ensure student journals & internship timesheets are always updated and current. If these are not completed, employers should be contacted to discuss attendance concerns when instructed by Campus Managers to do so.
  • To check accuracy and correct coding on registers before printing off official registers and filing.
  • To undertake home and workplace visits when instructed by the Campus Managers.
  • To ensure that the warning letter process is being applied as per the attendance policy.
Data Entry
  • Daily input of all absence approvals
  • Monitoring and issuing warning letters and conduct welfare meetings
  • Speaking with students who display attendance concerns in the initial stages of their enrolment
  • Keeping a record of contacts made
  • Liaise with Tutors, Student Support Coordinators, Campus Managers and ACG Registrar as appropriate to ensure strong lines of communication and consistent application of policies and procedures.
  • To monitor the attendance of vulnerable groups of students and report any concerns in a timely manner
  • To ensure attendance levels meet NSIA and INZ expectations and communicate with agents and/or parents where concerns arise
Administration Reporting
  • Generating weekly reports re all student’s attendance
  • Generating any special attendance related reports as requested
  • Issue attendance reports required for INZ and as requested by students
  • Attending weekly departmental attendance meetings
  • To produce and interpret information relating to attendance patterns.
  • To be responsible for the administration of absence approvals
  • To assist with Visa and Insurance face to face student assistance as may be required
  • Provide support during the introduction week
  • To work in conjunction with ACG values
  • To manage and prioritise your own workload in line with service requirements
  • To comply with individual responsibilities, in accordance with the role, for health and safety in the workplace.
  • Being able to work a part of a team, as well as on your own initiative.
  • To attend and participate in meetings as required
  • Any other duties as required.
Administration Support
  • Provide printouts of attendance data as required to the Team Leaders
  • Generate lists of staff compliance with attendance recording requirements as required
What you must have:
  • Attention to detail
  • Understand and comply with the privacy act
  • High level of commitment to achieve school target
  • Exceptional communication standards
  • High Entry data accuracy, able to produce reports 
  • Ability to listen effectively
  • Able to maintain accurate and up to date information
  • Able to meet deadlines and be accountable for outcomes
  • Clear criminal history and able to complete a vetting check
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