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New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA), part of the Academic Colleges Group (ACG) is proud to be one of New Zealand’s leading private training establishments. We are committed to making a meaningful difference to the lives of our students and their communities.  

About the role
NZMA is currently looking for a part time (20 hours per week), Lecturer specialising in procurement and supply to teach risk management on our Diploma in Applied Management Programme. You must be available for the teaching hours of Monday to Thursday 11:30am - 13:30pm.  This is for a fixed term basis from 1 April through to 30 June 2017.  The role will be based at our Auckland City Campus, 131 Queen Street.

NZMA’s Business programmes provide students with industry-relevant knowledge and skills to prepare them for in strategic roles in a range of business environments. The programme aims to build their intellectual capabilities in problem solving, decision making, project management and change management.  

Successful candidates will have a relevant Postgraduate or Masters qualification as well as industry and tertiary teaching experience.  You will be dynamic and engaging and have a high level of interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.  

This is an opportunity to join a team that prides itself in making a meaningful difference to the lives of our students, their communities and the industries we serve…and have great fun along the way!  

A copy of the Position Description is available on the site.
New Zealand Management Academies
Part Time (0.5) from April 1st, 2017 until June 30th, 2017
JOB TITLE:                                         Business Lecturer
COMPANY NAME:                             New Zealand Career College
LOCATION:                                        Auckland City
REPORTS TO (TITLE):                      Campus Manager
DATE:                                                 March 2017
APPROVED BY:                                 Derek Martin  

  • To provide and teach the programme in a prescribed period in a proficient and professional manner;
  • To deliver and assess this programme within a prescribed period in a professional and proficient manner;
  • To assist students in attaining the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the programme thereby enabling them to achieve and work toward their educational and/or employment goals.
  • Professional relationships and professional values – engage in appropriate professional relationships and demonstrate a commitment to professional values.
  • Professional knowledge in practice – make use of their professional knowledge and understanding to build a stimulating, challenging and supportive learning environment that promotes learning and success for all students.

Direct Report:                                               No direct reports              
Operational Budget:                                    No internal budget responsibilities  
Authorities:                                                   Nil  
Key Internal Relationships:                         All staff (NZMA) Students  
Key External Relationships:                        Appropriate Professional Bodies, All Stakeholders,Industry Contacts  
Hours of work:                                              20 hours per week to be worked between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. These hours are subject to variation depending on the demands of the campus.  

Lecturing and classroom management
  • Teaching subjects/courses as assigned by the Campus Manager/Head of Faculty;
  • Manage classroom discipline and activities ;
  • Design and use daily lesson plans effectively;
  • Follow the timetable for the teaching delivery and assessment due dates set for the Programme;
  • A minimum of 80% course completion rate for all students.
  • A minimum of 80% qualification completion rate for all students.
  • A minimum of 90% student retention for all students
  Programme monitoring, review & development
  • Ensure materials, supplies and equipment needed for the programme are appropriately requested, maintained and available (5.4).
  • Plan and monitor the quality of delivery of the curriculum (7.2).
  • Participate in course evaluation, review and design (7.4).
  • Participate in both annual and detailed programme reviews and complete programme review reports as required (7.5).
  • Assist in new programme development as required.
  • Resources are available and maintained
  • Course Assessments are appropriately internally pre and post assessment moderated
  • Programme Review reports are completed and submitted by deadline
  • Assistance is given as required 
Planning and preparation
  • Plan and implement the course as directed by Head of Faculty
  • 6 monthly observation records reflect key activities met. 
Asessing, assessments and moderation
  • Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally.
  • Design assessments appropriate for the programme, following the assessment policy which complies with NZQA’s  ‘Assessment and Moderation Policy (8.1).
  • Use assessment information to evaluate teaching effectiveness.
  • Provide assistance and advice to students with ‘special requirements and needs’ in assessments (8.1).
  • Assess students against relevant  learning outcomes and Evidence Requirements in each assessment (8.1);
  • Give written feedback to the students on their assessments that indicates areas that need to be resubmitted and those areas which meet the evidence requirements;
  • Assess students against relevant performance criteria or learning outcomes (8.1)
  • Accurately record and report on student credit achievement and assessment outcomes (8.1, 9.2, 9.5).
  • Ensure that students are informed of NZMA’s assessment protocol/conduct and ensure that students comply with this policy (8.2).
  • Deal with incidents of assessment misconduct such as cheating in exams and plagiarism (8.2).
  • Assist with both pre and post moderation requirements both internally and externally as required (8.3).
  • Ensure that students are informed of NZMA’s policy on reassessments, resits and re-submissions and assist in coordination and marking of assessments, and recording of results (8.5).
  • Ensure that students are informed of NZMA’s academic appeal process prior to an assessment taking place (8.6).
  • Assessments are prepared and tabled at pre-moderation meetings and are approved at moderation meetings.
  • Maintain student ILP’s where students are identified as needing additional academic support.
  • Assessment decisions are tabled at post-moderation meetings and are verified as accurate.
  • Credit achievement reports are filed with Campus administration within timelines specified.
  • Extensions and re-sit paper work is completed and filed correctly.
  • Attend all moderation meetings as per the annual plan.
  • Adhere to re-sit requirements as per policy.
  • All assessment documentation is completed.
Student Support and Guidance – Academic
  • To provide student academic guidance and support, working with current student guidance and support network (6.8).
  • To complete support and guidance forms (6.8)
  • Assist with minor issues whereby students have breached the Code of Student Conduct (6.11).
  • To adhere to the CPPCIS  (Code of Practice) and ensure working within code guidelines (6.12).
  • Academic Support information is available to students and kept up to date
  • Students support and guidance forms completed and filed.
  • Students report 95% satisfaction rates with service levels in academic support
  • Code of conduct summary has been read and understood.
Student Progress
  • Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally
  • Respond to the diversity in culture, language and capability of learners.
  • Record and monitor daily attendance of students (6.7).
  • Monitor student academic progress and inform Head of Faculty of the changing needs and plan for these within the programme through the Programme Review (6.10, 9.1).
  • Keep records on each student and periodically provide verbal and written reports to the Campus Manager (9.3)
  • Identify students who require an Independent learning plan (ILP) to maintain progress.
  • Initiate ILP with students identified as requiring academic support.
  • Use assessment information to give regular and ongoing feedback to guide and support further learning
  • Student attendance register is 100% accurate.
  • Reports are completed in a time efficient manner
  • Records are 100% accurate
  • ILP’s completed and recorded in student file.
Work placement, field trips and off-site activities
  • Seek industry and employment contacts as dictated by the needs of the programme
  • Establish and maintain work placement opportunities (7.4).
  • Monitor students on work placement (7.4).
  • Assess in the workplace as appropriate (7.4).
  • Arrange field trips and offsite activities relating to study (7.4).
  • Ensure placement providers and/or location for off-site activities comply with OH&S requirements (5.6, 7.4).
  • Internal and external communications are completed in a professional and timely manner
  • Work placements are established and maintained – students who meet all course requirements are placed in work experience
  • Assessment in the workplace is undertaken as per the programme plan
  • Communication with employers and students is professional
  • Documentation completed and filed. 
Professional Development
  • Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice
  • Attend NZMA Professional Development Workshops.
  • Be responsible for personal up-skilling to keep up with recent innovations and developments in industry.
  • Professional development plans are identified and active involvement in professional development is reported annually.
Health and Safety
  • Pro-actively promoting and providing solutions to help improve and sustain company Health and Safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring H&S requirements are met whilst working in the field.
  • Carries out Health and Safety responsibilities in accordance with NZMA’s Management Responsibility and Accountability for HSE as per the QMS
  • No Health and Safety compliance Faults
  • To attend regular meetings with colleagues to ensure total appropriateness of programmes for students.
  • Active and contributing team member
  • Attendance at meetings is 95%
  • Participation at meetings is active and professional
  • Attendance at external meetings is undertaken as directed in a Professional manner
  • Assist in continuous development and implementation of the Quality Mgmt Systems (2.5).
  • Set and maintain appropriate standards of dress and behaviour at all times.
  • Complete and submit work assigned by deadlines as per instructions
  • Attending to duties as delegated by the Campus Manager or Head of Faculty
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of key performance areas through ongoing reflection and involvement in formal and informal self assessment processes
  • Ensures compliance with the elements of the QMS related to your role.
  • Appropriate standards of dress and behaviour are set and maintained.
  • Agreed deadlines are met
  • Delegated duties are completed in a timely manner.
Formal Education and Training:
  • Essential: is the absolute minimum the job requires
    • The appointee must hold a minimum of a Bachelor in Business (or related field of study).
    • Minimum of three years successful experience in a tertiary/relevant education environment.
    • Minimum of three years industry experience.
    • Experience with curriculum or course development     
    • Knowledge of and experience with moderation of assessment
  • Preferred: is the level desired, but for which extensive experience could be a substitute
    • Experience working with domestic/international students.
    • Knowledge and understanding of, and experience with, adult education and training (including adult teaching experience)                                                     
    • Post Grad Diploma or Masters in Business
    • A minimum of 4098 / 11522 or a willingness to undertake the National Cert in Adult Teaching within 3 months.
  Personal Skill Specification:
  • Relevant industry experience;
  • Knowledge and understanding of, and experience with, adult education and training (including adult teaching experience);
  • Experience with curriculum or course development;
  • Knowledge of and experience with moderation of assessment.
  • Knowledge of National Qualifications Authority.
  Personal Qualities Required:
  • Self Motivated and independent
  • Effective Written and Oral communication skills
  • Punctual and Reliable
  • Attention to detail
  • Task/goal orientated
  • Able to interact with various age groups and various cultures
  • Trustworthy
  • Well presented
  • Professional
  • Team player/collegial orientation
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