New Zealand Management Academies
Full Time from March 17th, 2017
Title:                                                Literacy & Numeracy (LN) Facilitator  
Location:                                        NZMA Sylvia Park Campus; or such other location as may be required  
Reporting to:                                  LN Team Leader  
Functional Relationship with:      Management, Academic & Marketing staff, Careers Teams, students and graduates  
Hours:                                             Full Time, 40 hours per week    

Literacy and numeracy (LN) skill development is fundamentally important to the achievement and success of all New Zealanders, and most particularly New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) domestic students, who often enrol with us having had little if any academic success at the secondary level.  

This role is crucial within NZMA to support programme tutors in their understanding of LN skill development, integrating this effectively into their programme delivery, measuring progress and continuously improving the LN skill development opportunities within their programmes of study – thereby increasing the level of relevant and meaningful LN development support to students.    

Key Accountabilities:  
  • Create resources necessary for Literacy and Numeracy and support the ongoing process of continuous and integrated resource development
  • Work with tutors in integrating the development of the core LN skills into lesson plans
  • Support tutors in activities associated with embedding LN into course work
  • Interpret student reports from the Assessment Tool to inform and produce Care Plans required
  • Keep up to date with developments in literacy, numeracy and learning materials and delivery
  • Facilitate all activities related to LNAAT testing
  • Collate & report assessment tool data on a monthly basis. This includes data on participation and outcomes as measured against TEC targets to be sent to the LN Team Leader on specified dates
  • Meet TEC’s performance targets in relation to LN
  • Ensure complete familiarity with T&C’s level 2 and 3 certificate programmes – content, delivery structure, teaching staff, student body
  • Ensure Quality Coordinators, HoF’s, Senior Tutors and Tutors are supported in strengthening their awareness and understanding of the embedding process
  • Drive the usage & adoption of Pathways Awarua
  • Provide one on one, or group support to students as appropriate through the Care Plan system
  • Post moderate work submitted on level 2 & 3 programmes to ensure that it is appropriate for the relevant step of the TEC’s Learning Progressions
  • Attend weekly LN meetings
  • Work to establish and maintain relationships within the LN network and key stakeholders
  • Understand, write and moderate LN units embedded within level 2 and 3 coursework. This includes assisting tutors with the roll out, and supporting the effective delivery of these units in the classroom.
  • Supporting new LN initiatives and implementation as required  
What Success Looks Like: 
  • Participation in the initial and final LNAAT is 100% & at least 90% respectively for all students at Levels 2 and 3
  • Tutors understand embedding and LN becomes ‘business as usual’ in classroom delivery
  • Students show step gains and significant gains in their Literacy and Numeracy abilities
  • Students achieve higher course and qualification completion levels as a result of their increased literacy and numeracy abilities
  • Outcomes will be measured by speaking to the student and in observing their ability to read and understand the material being delivered and also in the quality of the  work produced
  • Student feedback is positive and confirms the validity of the support provided
What You Need to Have:  
  • Minimum qualifications – level 5 Certificate in Adult Teaching, including Workplace assessor unit standard 4098 or equivalent
  • An appropriate literacy and/or ESOL qualification.
  • Extensive experience and success  in teaching literacy and numeracy skills to adult learners
  • Experience in coordinating/managing group training experience in a multi-cultural environment – excellent understanding of strategies  to engage Maori and Pasifika learners
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the New Zealand education industry and especially the tertiary sector is a definite advantage
  • Experience of the NCEA literacy & numeracy units – or clear potential to understand and operate effectively within this environment
  • In depth understanding of the TEC’s Learning Progressions
  • Proven ability to set high goals for personal and group accomplishment, along with experience in measuring results and monitor progress in achievement
  • Demonstrated commitment to represent and be a strong advocate for students
  • High level of interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Personal integrity, trustworthiness and credibility
  • Passionate about individual, team and organisational learning – authentic desire to support the success of others
  • Interested and excited about cultural diversity and developing relationships within a community
  • Positive and persistent when faced with setbacks or unplanned events
  • Self-starter with a high level of energy, drive and motivation, and the ability to focus these into achievement of identified accountabilities and targets
  • Focuses and guides others in accomplishing work objectives
  • Uses appropriate delegation to create a sense of ownership of higher-level organisational issues and encourages individuals to stretch beyond their current abilities
  • Be a loyal, supportive team player with a commitment to ACG success
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